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10 Strategies to Protect Ultra-High Net worth Family Wealth

10 Strategies to Protect Ultra-High Net worth Family Wealth

The journey of such individuals is often comprised of ambition, courage, hard work and relentless consistency. It’s extremely difficult to achieve “Ultra-High Net Worth” status in today’s ultra competitive world, but achieving “Ultra-High Net Worth” status is an even more difficult – and rarer – feat.
After all, only those families whose investable assets are valued over $30 million are considered to be “Ultra-High Net Worth”.

Although it would take exceptional levels of irresponsibility, or a major financial catastrophe to develop financial issues, such as foreclosure or bankruptcy with this sort of wealth, it’s not something that’s unheard of.
‘Riches to Rags’ stories have indeed made headlines in the recent past—especially during the financial recession of 2007—where many families went from ‘Ultra-High Net Worth’ to just ‘High Net Worth’, or bankrupt!
While UHNW families usually don’t have to deal with financial problems that plague the common man, such as struggling to make the rent, or being unable to make the payments on their car, they have an entirely different set of financial problems to worry about.
In order to successfully maintain a high-standard of living and sustain their riches across multiple generations, UHNW families have to make some smart financial planning decisions.
These include efficiently dealing with the changing tax codes, proper estate planning and making the best use of investment vehicles.
At Pillar Wealth Management, we have been providing effective wealth management services to Ultra-High Net Worth clients for over three decades (we actually wrote a hard cover book titled The Art Of Protecting Ultra-High Net Worth Portfolios And Estates; sells on Amazon).
Over the course of this article, we’ll outline 10 of the best strategies to grow and protect your family’s wealth.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

With above-average assets, you require above-average financial planning. As the financial situation of UHNW families is of a more complex nature, they have to deal with a wider array of concerns than a ‘normal’ family.
These include coping with higher taxes, dealing with a larger investment portfolio, managing multiple properties, and/or keeping track of your philanthropic activities.
Comprehensive financial planning enables the effective management of all these aspects, and helps you determine strategies to protect and build the wealth of your family. Unlike standard financial planning, this type of planning goes far beyond just your regular income projections and retirement savings. It covers all the facets of your financial affairs.
These include:
  • Management of cash and debt
  • Investment planning
  • Taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Risk management
Comprehensive financial planning is generally comprised of these steps:
  • A comprehensive discussion to outline your personal and family values and goals
  • Making a financial forecast based on the current state of your finances
  • Getting expert advice and recommendations
  • Forecasting your finances based on the application of those recommendations
  • A defined plan of action

Consolidating Your Assets

In an attempt to diversify their investments, UHNW persons and families often setup same type of investment accounts with multiple financial institutions. They believe that this is an effective way to reduce risk.
Actually, diversification is about how your money is invested, rather than where it’s kept.
Instead of diversifying your investment, setting up multiple same-type investment accounts can actually have an adverse effect, as it makes keeping track of your investments a lot more difficult.
Furthermore, there is a variety of other reasons why you should consolidate your assets with just one reliable advisor. The reasons are:
  • Lower Costs: You’re likely to pay a higher cost when you open investment accounts with multiple financial institutions.
  • Streamlined Administration: Fewer tax forms and accounts statements make it easier to keep track of your investments.
  • No Duplication of Investments and Efforts: The odds are high for duplication of investments (i.e. less diversification) and efforts when you have two advisors, since their efforts aren’t usually coordinated.
  • Simplified Estate Settlements: It becomes easier for your executor when they only have a single point of contact.
  • Easier and More Efficient Retirement Planning: It becomes easier for your advisor to devise an efficient strategy of optimizing your retirement income when they have a better understanding of your various income sources.

Instilling Financial Responsibility in Your Children

While it takes years and years of hard graft to accumulate a substantial wealth, all of it can be lost in a proverbial moment.
Self-made individuals are aware of the true value of money as they have built their wealth through years of hard work. However, this essential value might not be shared by their children and grandchildren, who have grown up in a more privileged environment.

If you want your wealth to last across multiple generations, it’s crucial to teach the importance of financial responsibility to your children. There are various strategies that can help you in this regard.
The first one involves giving your children a reasonable allowance and instructing them to divide it into expenses, savings and charity. This helps children develop budgeting skills, instills the value of money in them, and teaches them to become socially responsible.
Another effective strategy is setting up a monthly budget that can cover the reasonable expenses and activities of the whole family. If your children ask you for something that exceeds the budget, tell them you will consider it next month.

Using Surplus Assets Effectively

Most UHNW individuals and families have surplus assets. Here are some effective ways to protect them.
  • Consider gifting them to low-income family members. If the family member in question is underage, the taxes levied on any capital gains will be in accordance with their lower tax rate. However, the dividend and interest income will be attributed to you and you’ll be responsible for their taxes. If they are legal adults, they will have to bear the taxes levied on the asset-generated income, but again, at a significantly lower rate.
  • In case of an insurance need, consider putting the assets into a life insurance policy which is tax-exempt. This way, you won’t have to pay any taxes on the income they generate. The income will be paid to the beneficiaries of the policy as a tax-free benefit after the settlement of your estate.
  • Another way to avoid capital gains tax on surplus assets is donating publicly-traded securities that have gone up in value to qualified charitable organizations.

Risk Management

Effective risk management is a vital part of protecting your hard-earned wealth. Lots of UHNW individuals and families have lost considerable portions of their wealth in the past because they didn’t prepare for risks such as law suits and market volatility.
  • Risk of Lawsuits: liability insurance; there are various ways to ensure the protection of your assets.
  • Risk of Market Volatility: The best way to counter the threat of market volatility is diversifying your investments. In addition to diversifying investments by geographic location, industry and class, UHNW families can also reduce risk by taking the route of tax free bonds.
  • Risk of losing Income: Unfortunately, serious illnesses and disabilities are a part of life and can befall anyone. Purchasing long-term care and critical illness insurance can protect your family from the risk of permanent or temporary income loss.

Giving to Charity

There are numerous strategies you can use to get the maximum out of the gifts you make to charity:
  • As we’ve previously mentioned, capital gains tax isn’t levied on publicly listed securities, which have gone up in value once they have been donated to a qualified charitable organization. Furthermore, the receipt you receive depicts the current market value of the securities you have donated.
  • If you want to create a lasting philanthropic legacy, consider setting up a charitable foundation. While you’ll have higher flexibility and better control with a private foundation, a public foundation would suit you better if you don’t want day-to-day involvement.

Testamentary Trusts

You can also create testamentary trusts through your will. It will provide income tax benefits to your beneficiaries, which they wouldn’t get with an outright inheritance.
However, in case of an outright inheritance, the income earned will be added to their regular income and taxed accordingly. This can potentially increase their tax rate and reduce their after-tax income.
Potential tax benefits aren’t the only plus point of testamentary trusts. You can also set them up to ensure that a child from another marriage or a disabled family member receives their inheritance.

Splitting the Family Income

Another effective way for UHNW families to reduce their tax burden is splitting the income.
Why? Well, the first reason is the American tax system, according to which, the higher your income, the higher the amount you owe in taxes.
By splitting the income between members of the family, (especially shifting it to low-income members) families can potentially save thousands of dollars in taxes.

Planning For Business Succession

If you plan to pass on your business to your children or your grandchildren, here are a few effective business succession planning strategies:
  • Figure out which of your children has the ability and the interest to lead your business.After you have made a decision in regards of who is to be your successor, gradually start involving the chosen person in business matters. Have them meet the important business contacts, and slowly ease them into a role of responsibility. The duration of this transition should be 5 to 10 years.
  • Have a financial plan in place which incorporates strategies like individual pension plans, an estate freeze for minimizing taxes, and insurance to provide protection against risks and unforeseen events. Include a shareholder’s agreement as well.

Vacation Property Planning

Ownership of a vacation property can be the cause of a variety of issues, especially if a family is involved. One major concern is passing along the property to the next generation without creating conflict. However, with some careful planning, not only can you pass along the property in a harmonious way, but you can also reduce taxes.
Here are some effective strategies:
  • An inter vivos family trust is a good way to pass on a vacation property to your children. Not only will it enable you to avoid probate tax, but it will also allow you to defer future capital gains tax.
  • If 2 or more children are to own the property, you can establish the ground rules by creating a co-ownership agreement. 

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7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cuddling and Its Role to Ease Anxiety

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Cuddling and Its Role to Ease Anxiety

Everyone wants a hug from someone they love or like-no matter how cold the heart is, it will be melted through the warm hugs. Many people are aware of how cuddling can calm their feelings for a short time. But do you know it gives a lot more health benefits-yes, you heard it right!

Prevents Stress Before it Comes

A recent study published in PLoS One investigated whether the effects of a good hug can soothe you throughout the day despite encountering conflicts afterward. After investigating,  researchers found those who received hugs were less affected by "conflict exposure," or interpersonal conflict, than those who did not receive hugs. The gender of the huggers didn't matter, and neither the relationship of people who received hugs from strangers.
Michael Murphy, Ph.D., is a post-doctoral research associate at the Laboratory for the Study of Stress, Immunity, and Disease in the Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, is among the authors of the study. Murphy explained that touch is capable of deactivating the part of the brain that responds to threats. Apart from that, the study discovers that through cuddling, hormones are being released to signal a stress response. Surprisingly, a simple can lessen stress on the cardiovascular system.

Boost Immune System

Another surprise! It seems what some movies are suggesting turn out to be true that hugs keep a doctor away. A study from Murphy's colleagues at Carnegie Mellon may support this belief examined how stress and social support affect the immunity and may even cure infectious disease.
The study monitored the participants who were exposed to a common cold virus in quarantine to assess signs of illness. The result shows that those who had social support from other people and were hugged more often had felt less-severe signs of illness.
According to Murphy, when a person feels threatened and stressed may affect his immune system to act more aggressively.  He added that when the immune system becomes over aggressive, it can cause damage in the body system. Thus, becoming a reason to increase the risk for a variety of illnesses.
However, it doesn't suggest that hugs are enough to cure the illness. The reason why hugs can ease sickness is it makes the receiver feel safer. Through cuddling, you are informing the receiver that you care for her.

Hugs and Affection Can Make Kids Healthier

For those mommies who can't stop themselves hugging their kids and babies, you are doing a good job.
Judith E. Carroll, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry at UCLA, and also an author of the study, said, "Childhood adversity increases the risk for mental and physical health problems in adulthood." She told NBC News that the study found out that those people who had a history of emotional and physical abuse in childhood; with limited love and affection from a parent, were most at risk for health issues later in life.
Meanwhile, those who were reported abuse but also received love and affection from a parental figure during childhood, it somehow mitigated the impact of abuse on their health.

Hugs Provide Tons of Benefits For the Cardiovascular

Murphy said hugs might help keep the cardiovascular system from being stressed. In a study from the University of North Carolina, which involved, recruiting 59 women ages 20-49 who had been living with a spouse for at least six months.
The participants were instructed to sit right by their partners and recall some memories together in a few minutes. They were asked to watch a romantic video for a few minutes, they were given time to chat, and the experiment ended with a 20-second hug.
After some intimate moments, they were instructed to leave their partners to prepare and record a speech about something that made them angry or stressed out. So what are the findings?
The result shows that the "hug" group had lower blood pressure and heart rates while doing a stressful task. Women who got more hugs from their partners had higher oxytocin levels. The end-result of the experiment made researchers conclude that Oxytocin may be a link between hugging and lower blood pressure.

Reduce Fears

Scientists have found that through cuddling, you can help reduce anxiety in people with low self-esteem. According to Healthline, a touch can keep people from isolating themselves.  Apart from that, touching an inanimate object like a teddy bear is also helpful to reduce people's fears about their existence.

Make a Receiver Happier

Probably, it is the most common benefits of hugging. As mentioned earlier, that participants who always have been hugged by their spouses have higher oxytocin. But what does it mean? Scientists also call it "cuddle hormone,"  and it is associated with happiness and reducing stress.

Reduce Pain

The telenovelas and movies seem right again when it shows two lovers are hugging each other, and the story ends with a happy scene. A claim that hugs can reduce pain is back up by a study.  A study found that hugging is another way to comfort people.
Hugs provide a lot of benefits to many people. But for those who are away with their loved ones, they may feel homesick. If you are a student or a career woman living alone who are dealing with anxiety and depression, you consider getting a weighted anxiety blanket.
Currently, many people with anxiety and depression are relying on a weighted anxiety blanket because it helps to treat insomnia.  Apart from that, it helps calm people with hyperactivity disorder.
The popularity of weighted anxiety blanket soars high because people find it useful whenever they have a hard to sleep due to stress. A 2006 study published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that 63% of participants claimed to have lower anxiety after using a blanket. On the other hand, 78% said they felt more relaxed when they used the sheet.
Are you curious about trying the blanket? Read the reviews online, so you have peace of mind in purchasing it. For sure, it is worth to invest in for the comfortability of your sleep.

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Personal money management method: The six envelopes

Personal money management method: The six envelopes

Many have been the attempts I have made to try to manage my money as wisely. I believe that all people in the universe give us the opportunity to change an area of ​​our life, and the first step of that change in consciousness. So one day I became aware that it was a disaster managing the money I received.
Since I understood that I had to make urgent changes in this area, I have not stopped studying and researching the subject. I must confess, that although I have time searching and researching on this subject, it has not been until just five months ago that I have been able to see a little result.
You must take six envelopes, it is difficult for someone to have six active bank accounts at the same time, but if you have them you can also take six accounts. The important thing here is that you can follow these money management methods as I will explain below.
About One: 50% Expenses
The author recommends that in this envelope you can save 50% of your monthly or weekly income and allocate them to all your basic expenses (rent, vehicle, food, and others). This is the amount of money you have to allocate to all your commitments.
About Two: Investment 10%
In this envelope or account, you will place 10% that will be used for investments or specific investments. You must be clear that on the road to prosperity there are no short roads, so you must make sure you do not take this money for anything in the world.
About Three: 10% Savings
At first, I understood that the savings and investment envelope were almost the same and I was really a bit confused. But no, in this envelope of savings you will place another 10% for future eventualities (purchases of a house, a trip, weddings, vehicle and even for any emergency that occurs).
About Four: Education 10%
The best investment you can make is in yourself. So you must allocate 10% of your income to prepare and increase your potential. Ideally, you can invest in more knowledge about personal finance, investments, or any other activity that is related to your personal development. I, for example, am allocating that money to take English and Singing classes.
About Five: Offer 10%
You may be a believer in some faith and have a church or community that you want to help. The author, as well as most of the great investors in the world, recommends donating part of your income to foundations, churches or simply to help other people you see who suffer from a lack. So you must set aside your 10% for this purpose.
About 6: You 10%
Yes, as you read it. This has really changed me completely and has had a transformative effect on my life. T Harv Eker recommends in your book to take 10% of your income and spend it on yourself. Why? We spend our lives working within a system that oppresses us, which tells us that there is no time to enjoy the things we like, the system tells us that there is no money to "waste it on our tastes," so taking this money and spend it on you, you are telling the system and the universe that you are a person capable of enjoying what your hands produce, that you need more money to continue living life and prospering. I started putting aside this money and when you start using it on yourself you really feel like someone else. Travel, buy new clothes, go to an expensive restaurant, whatever. But give yourself a gift.

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How to move on from a very bad break up even if one loves the other person still?

How to move on from a very bad break up even if one loves the other person still?

Attain Self-Realization As Soon As You Can
The first thing you need to do is attain Self-Realization!!

Let’s assume there is pitch darkness in your house, such that you cannot see anything ahead of you. What happens to you then?
You don’t feel nice, isn’t it?! You experience some kind of suffocation, suffering and worry within you. Moreover, every time you try to move forward, you end up clashing with tables, chairs, etc.
And when there is full light?
You do not clash with anything. There is no suffering, there are no worries, no doubts, no stress, right?! So, when there is full light, you feel happiness. And all your relatives and the near and dear ones beside you also feel happy!
Similarly, within all of us, there is the Soul, which is our real Self. Our Soul is the direct light of knowledge. Soul is full of infinite knowledge and infinite vision; but it is currently covered with layers of ignorance. For this reason, the darkness of ignorance prevails within us. And owing to this darkness, we happen to clash with people, we experience confusion, worries and stress.
However, through Akram Vignan, in a scientific experiment of the separation of ‘I’ and ‘my’, Gnani breaks those layers of ignorance and enlightens our Soul. Consequently, the direct light starts. And through the direct light, we experience the Self. Our intellect is an indirect light that comes via the medium of our ego, whereas Soul is the direct light. When this direct light is invoked, we know our real Self.
After knowing your real Self, you will get a better solution to your problems! And this experience of the Soul shall affect the other people around you also, very positively. You can read more about Akram Vignan and Self-Realization on the link mentioned above.
Start doing pratikraman.
And until you attain Self-Realization, you may start off doing pratikraman internally. This means, you recall every mistake that has happened by you so far towards that person, and for each mistake, you remember God and do:
1.Apology. Confess that ‘I have done so and so mistake.’
2.Repentance. Ask for forgiveness that, I am sorry, I made this mistake.’
3.Vow... You decide not to do this mistake ever again.
Do you know the break-up in this life is the effect of the atikraman (mistake) that has happened by you against that person in your past life? If you do pratikraman in the presence of whichever God you worship, the mistakes shall get erased. Repeated pratikramans wipe off the many errors that have been caused in our relationship.
To break free from all kind of feelings that you are going through right now, keep asking for forgiveness from God for the mistakes that you recall. If you’ve seen any fault or negative of that person, that too is a mistake for which you are liable to do pratikraman. You can also directly connect with the Pure Soul (God) residing inside that person, and ask for strength from that Soul to not repeat the mistakes ever again. This will very easily help dissolve any negativity or feeling of guilt that may exist inside you. The other person may not even be aware that you are doing this, yet you will notice the positive changes within you, and within that person too! Hence, continue to ask for forgiveness from within.
Param Pujya Dadashri, an enlightened being has declared,
“If any couple is on the verge of getting divorced, I will reunite them in one hour if you bring them to me. I will mend them in one hour so that they remain together again. All these problems are merely fears due to a lack of understanding. Many couples that were separated have now been happily reunited.”
This statement made by Dadashri stands true even today as many married couples are living happily after meeting Pujya Deepakbhai. Why don’t you try too?

Author's Bio: 
Ambalal M. Patel was a civil contractor by profession. In June 1958, spontaneous Self-Realization occurred within Ambalal M. Patel. From this point on, Ambalal became a Gnani Purush, and the Lord that manifest within him became known as Dada Bhagwan. A Gnani Purush is One who has realized the Self and is able help others do the same. Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan used to go from town to town and country-to-country to give satsang (spiritual discourse) and impart the knowledge of the Self, as well as knowledge of harmonious worldly interactions to everyone who came to meet him. This spiritual science, known as Akram Vignan, is the step-less path to Self-realization.

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Dr. Romance on how to keep your marriage safe from infidelity

Dr. Romance on how to keep your marriage safe from infidelity

Infidelity can be devastating to a marriage. While couples can recover, it is far better to never have cheating in the first place. Here's how to "cheat-proof" your marriage, and head off problems before they begin.
Dr. Romance on how to keep your marriage safe from infidelity
Husbands need your interest. Husbands often disconnect from their wives when they don't feel the wives are interested in them any more. Because men often have a difficult time with intimacy, someone at work who is sympathetic and doesn't make demands can be very appealing. To reconnect, be sure you are listening to him, understanding his needs and wants.
Wives disconnect because they unloved or taken for granted. The most powerful thing you can do to keep a marriage strong is form a partnership, a team, where both parties feel respected, cared about and needed. If you really want to restore the marriage, begin not by complaining about your needs that aren't being met, but by focusing on his needs. Once he feels wanted again, you can begin to work out the issues.
Either spouse will be tempted to cheat if the marriage is disconnected, or has sunk into friendship, which is affection without sex. To mend the relationship, both spouses need to be willing to make it work, to talk openly about what went wrong, to take responsibility for what they did or didn't do to make the marriage work. It's an emotional maturity issue.
Married couples also need support for their marriage – other couples who can help them through rough times.
Closeness Breeds Intimacy
It's easy to feel romantic when you live separately and date each other, because every moment spent together is special. From the moment you begin to live together, such romantic moments are no longer automatic. Instead, much of your time together is spent on more mundane things: doing laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, or going to work. Although this can be new, exciting and fun at first, as soon as the initial newness of living together wears off, such everyday things cease to feel exciting and romantic, and you may find yourself feeling worried that your partner no longer cares as much or is as excited to be with you.
Partnership is the Key
The most powerful thing you can do to keep a marriage strong is form a partnership, a team, where both parties feel respected, cared about and needed. If you really want to restore the marriage, begin not by complaining, but by seeking to understand your partner. Once the connection is there, you can begin to work out the issues. (Adapted from How to be Happy Partners: Working it out Together)
Happy Partners cover

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When Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (How To Win Her Back)

When Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (How To Win Her Back)

“I’m sorry…”
While for most people these days, that sentence is as easy to say as breathing, but for cases wherein you have caused a special woman in your life grave heartache, resulting in her blocking you on social media and kicking you out of her life when your relationship is supposed to be yet in a honeymoon phase, saying you’re sorry may not be that easy to do, especially when you don’t feel sorry for whatever intimacy you both shared.
You may have assumed too much and think that what you both have is just a fling. In a worst case scenario, but also a reality these days, you may already have a girlfriend that time but just couldn’t help but be attracted to this old fling in your younger years whom you have seen again, after so many years, at a high school reunion, and you again assumed she was aware of your situation.
Caught in the moment, you’ve played with the thought of proposing to her with a gorgeous ring and even asked her how she would want the proposal to be. When she told you she would want it to be simple and just downright sincere, you should have taken the hint that she’s one you should not play with, but you just couldn’t help yourself. And now she found out from a common friend that you got a girlfriend waiting for you back home. In a moment of weakness, you tried to avoid her and when you did contact her through a drunken text message, you didn’t end it well with her and now you think you have no chance of mending whatever relationship you had.
How do you say sorry?
First things first. Be a man and own up to your mistake.
You can be defensive all you want, but the reality is, you made everything happen. You misled her by assuming too much you’re on the same boat. You weren’t honest enough to actually tell her that you already got someone in your life. You didn’t stop yourself from cheating on your girlfriend. Sure, you’re going to bear the brunt of what you did, but it’s something you should expect after making a choice to involve a third party, especially someone who had no idea that you are already committed. Don’t put the blame on the other person.
Don’t pretend it didn’t happen.
By all means, don’t do that and don’t show her that. While it’s easier for the one who is at fault to say to just forget everything, you cannot be sure it goes the same way for the person you have misled. Your insensitivity would only deepen the wound you’ve caused. There are a lot of thoughts and a lot of emotions to deal with, and a good explanation would make things easier. When asked by the other person why you did such thing, you owe her an honest answer, no matter how cold and shallow it would sound.
Actions speak louder than words.
A changed behaviour is the best apology, they say. If you are truly sorry, your sincerity is best seen by the way you act. You should by now know that there are consequences to every mistake you commit, that you could affect lives by toying with other people’s emotions. If there’s a way for you to make amends, then do so.
Lastly, apologise.
Don’t underestimate the power of words. There’s often no need for grand gestures. Your apology may the one thing she truly needs. However, apologise with humility and sincerity and avoid putting the blame on her. Be decisive that you would ask for forgiveness. There should be no second thoughts. Nothing is more powerful of an apology than to willingly approach her and politely ask for a chance to talk, to explain yourself and to ask for her forgiveness.
There are a lot of possibilities that could happen. There are different results of different cases. Whether or not what you felt for her was real, the ball is in your court to fix your ruptured relationship. If, after a lot of thinking, you’ve realised you want her back in your life but only as a friend, at least you have eased the pain of what she’s feeling even just a little bit. Winning her back may not mean you get her back as a love interest and end what you have with your girlfriend. Winning her back may mean you get to keep her as a friend, but that part depends on her, whatever step she decides to take. Now that you have sincerely apologised, you can just hope for the best and wait for her decision - on whether she decides to stay as a friend, or end your connection, but at least end it in a positive note this time. Who knows what the future holds if you two should meet again and the hurt has been healed? Maybe the situation would be favourable for the both of you by that time, or maybe not. Maybe you’d get to be good friends.
Author's Bio: 
Archer Kiernan is a freelance writer touching on various topics and specialising on website content for various industries. He is also a passionate blogger and a travel junkie, believing that everywhere can be a home. For him, the world is too beautiful and there can never be enough places to explore. Life is too short so he backpacks across the world for as much as he can, not discriminating between the usual tourist spots and off-the-beaten paths, and with his trusty laptop and a cup of coffee here and there, his lives his life like an everyday adventure.

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Accomplish Your Desires and Goals After Watching Yourself Star in a Future Mental Film with Simple Programming Steps Outlined

All of us have something in life, your own business or work, that we wish to attain. The majority of the time we have no idea of ways to tackle attaining these goals. Typically when we do understand the best ways to tackle accomplishing them we simply enable ourselves to stop working by just quitting. Developing a mental movie can increase your opportunities for success as it is a creative and easy method for programming your mind.
A mental film is a creative visualization strategy utilized by Neuro Linguistic Practitioners to assist customers to reprogram their mind to conquer worries or fears, recover previous injuries or to attain work or life objectives. If you understand the objective you wish to attain then you can make the most of this effective tool to assist you in creating an effective result
Action 1: Choose your objective
It is necessary that you can recognize the goals you wish to accomplish. It should be exact and written.
Action 2: Develop a plan
You need to understand when completion point of the desired objective. It is essential that you produce a plan explaining the precise modification or improvement you wish to make.
For it to be beneficial and produce an effective result it needs to:
* Utilize all 5 senses;.
* Be really detailed; and.
* Be composed in present tense
For instance, if your objective is to end up being more positive in social scenarios your plan may appear like this:
I am at a celebration of an associate's birthday. Space is brilliantly lit with music playing. There are red, blue, yellow and green balloons all over. I can hear individuals talking and chuckling. I am standing in the center of a group of coworkers speaking about a motion picture. Everybody is listening. They are smiling at me and I rejoice. The beat of the music pulses through me making me feel invigorated. I feel comfy talking and listening to others
With every sip of my beverage, I feel more powerful and more positive. Each little the tasty food makes me feel better. I am smiling.
. your
You can consist of various scenes, similar to in a genuine motion picture. So alter the circumstances to consist of any that are essential in assisting you to produce the film of the life you want
Action 3: Relax
It is essential to relax as this is how you will get your subconscious mind to open and be responsive to your psychological motion picture
Discover someplace comfy. Close your eyes. Tense every muscle in your body then release. Repeat two times more. Next, take in deeply through your nose to a count of 5 and out through your mouth to a count of 8. Repeat this 3 times or up until you feel relaxed
Step 4: Play your film
This is where the programming of the mind occurs. You play your mental film envisioning you living the objective you set. It is necessary that your motion picture is played as if you are living it now. Feel the feelings, experience the sights and noises. Do not forget to consist of all your senses to make the experience feel genuine
To make sure that your brand-new mental program is totally installed you will have to duplicate actions 3 and 4 every day for 1 Month for finest impact
"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." - Napoleon Hill
Create Your Future
In free online masterclass, Equip Yourself With Today's Best (And Scientifically Proven) Mind Tools
For Magnifying Your Productivity, Focus, Creativity, Intuition & Empathy.
click here
Author's Bio: 
Author is passionate about optimizing mind-brain power and through visualization and action, at his visualization website, receive a creative visualization ebook and learn more about mental or mind movies at Just Visualize IT.

Brené Brown on Empathy

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How to Discover Your Possibilities By Judi Moreo

***How to Discover Your Possibilities By Judi Moreo

There are worlds of possibilities and yet many of us never see them because we don’t think they are possible for us. We think things would be nice to have, or to do, but then we think, “Those thing aren’t for people like me.”discover your possibilities
Don’t waste the time you have. Start now. Make a list of everything you’ve ever wanted to do, everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go, everything you’ve hoped to see. It doesn’t matter how impossible it seems, when you believe in your dreams, they will begin to happen in your life.
If you are to have the life you dream of, you must be specific about what you want. In his book, Psycho-Cybernetics, the author, Maxwell Maltz, tells us, “A human being always acts and feels and performs in accordance with what he imagines to be true about himself and his environment.” It is important for you to imagine being and feeling who and what you want to be.
The technique of imagining actually imprints new data into your brain and central nervous system causing you to create a new self-image and a new life. If you will practice “imagining the new you” for a while, you will find you don’t need to take any conscious actions because your subconscious will direct you to the possibilities which will automatically begin moving you toward the life you desire.
Author's Bio: 
Judi Moreo is an author, speaker, and life coach. She has written 11 books including “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.” Judi can be reached at

Maria Popova: 7 Things I Learned

Sunday, 22 September 2019

The Secret to Think and Grow Rich Revealed | Bob Proctor

Stress Management: 5 Effective Ways Of Coping With Stress

Stress Management: 5 Effective Ways Of Coping With Stress
How do you usually react to stressful situations? Do you find you quickly get worked up and more stressed and frustrated?

For many this is often the case! Instead of taking stock and realizing that the situation is beyond their control they react and allow their frustration to get them worked up and even more frustrated. I'm unsure why some people cope with stress better than others, as with many things it's probable that our past experiences have a major part to do with it.

If your parents were extremely calm and level headed then you're certainly more likely to adopt these habits whereas if your parents were extremely hotheaded and lost their cool quickly in stressful situations then again you're most likely to learn from those habits.

What is important though is knowing that we can take certain measures to help us cope with stress. Although you'll never fully eliminate stress from your life you can certainly learn to better control and alleviate it by applying a few stress management techniques.

Here are 5 unusual but effective tips for coping with stress that you may not have considered.
Proper Rest
On average a person requires 8-9 hours sleep per 24 hour period, however due to work, family, chores and the general fast pace of life it's common for people to get less than 6 hours on average! Ensuring you get enough rest to recharge your mind and body is important for managing stress effectively and to be able to operate at peak performance.
Don't just assume that sleeping recharges the body, it's just as important for rejuvenating the mind as well. If your feeling fatigued then you're much more likely to feel withdrawn and cranky and less able to cope with the demands and challenges the day presents meaning you'll succumb to stress easier.

Modern Technology can be a sin!
As much as we need modern technology to go about our daily routines it can also be a hindrance! For example, if you're at your desk during your lunch-break checking e-mails then you're not switching off mentally, the same goes for chat-rooms such as Skype and messenger (although Messenger is so to be obsolete and merging with Skype). Cell phones are particularly bad, having your cell phone with you and switched on 24/7 means anyone can reach you at anytime! Sure it's important for loved ones to be able to contact you for emergencies or perhaps work during the day for arrangements.
Make sure they only use these means of contact for these privileges though! Having your spouse ring you to catch up on the days events whilst you're working will only add to your work-load and pressure. Likewise, unless your job demands you're on call 24/7 such as an electrician or plumber might be then there's really no need for communication outside of work hours.

Take Stock
Learn to read the signs of stress and take stock of the situation. If you're beginning to feel stressed during work hours then take a minute to recompose your thoughts. Working through it will only add to the stress and mean you're working less productively.
Work related stress is one of the biggest causes of stress second only to financial and family worries. There are a few simple and effective ways of dealing with stress at work. Learn these techniques and start applying them, with continued effort you'll learn to manage your stress during work hours and outside of work hours much more effectively.

Take A Break
This goes beyond the scope of coping with stress daily but if you're feeling particularly stressed and pressured then perhaps it's best to take a time out. We all need to recharge sometimes, we're only human and trying to do to much when you're already struggling to manage your stress will only worsen the problem. This doesn't necessarily have to involve going on vacation. Sometimes a couple of days with a relative or perhaps a day out to the beach on the weekend, anything that will help you to relieve your mind of your worries.

Get Spiritual!
I know what you're thinking, meditation and Yoga, a load of old spiritual rubbish with no benefit except for wasting time right?
There was a time I would have agreed, the problem was I'd never tried it so I was hypocrite really! It was my sister who first introduced me to these Eastern philosophies, she's very much a spiritualist and saw I was making an effort to find peace and turn my life around (long story, another article maybe).
As I studied personal development and self help I slowly started incorporating these philosophies as well and they are now a part of my daily routine. Meditating for stress management is particularly effective, it really allows the mind to shut out the ongoing worries and allows you to center your thoughts on the here and now.
Yoga is different in the sense it provides more physical relief, perfect for people who have demanding office job and feel the inner tension after a long day at the office. Just a few basic stretches can really help to unwind and relax the bodies muscles. It can provide fast relief of built up tension and can also lead to a better nights sleep when practiced in the evening before bed.

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The Secret - Law Of Attraction FULL

Improving Your Creativity And Innovation

Improving Your Creativity And Innovation
Some people in this world are seen as naturally creative and great innovators, who are constantly bursting with ideas which they put into practice. There are plenty of others who also have lots of ideas but for whatever reasons fail to do as much with them as they could. If you’re in the second group, there are lots of different ways in which you can improve your creativity and innovation and unlock potential that you may be keeping buried inside.

Stop thinking if only ... :If you want to increase your creativity or be innovative, then you have to start it’s as simple as that. We’ve all heard the people who say that they’ve always wanted to write a book but make excuses why they haven’t done so, when all they to do was pick up a pen. So don’t sit there and think if only.

Experiment: If you’re going to improve your creativity and innovation then you will need to overcome any reluctance that you may have to experiment.

Ignore precedents: The trouble with precedents is that they can quite easily stifle you. If you’re looking to improve your creativity and innovation, you must be open to challenging the conventional wisdom for doing things in a particular way. You only have to look at history to see numerous examples of where this has happened.

Read, listen and observe: Make sure that you have plenty of opportunities to generate new ideas by reading and listening and observing. Creativity and innovation walk hand in hand and they need to be stimulated. Sometimes the smallest thing can act as a trigger to something new.
Network: Spend time with different people. Diverse people will bring different ideas and perspectives to all sorts of things.

Question: To improve your creativity and innovation you need to keep questioning. Keep asking yourself “Why?”, “What if?” and “Why not?”

Don’t be afraid of failure: One of the things that often stops people doing anything is fear of failure. No one likes failure, but the most creative and innovative people accept it as part of life and learn from it.

Be willing to change your mind: You may be full of ideas for doing something new, but don’t be afraid to change your mind if you haven’t got it right. Holding stubbornly onto an idea is pointless if the idea is not right.

Record ideas: Make sure that you always have the opportunity to record your ideas, whether it be jotting in a notebook or writing on a phone. You don’t want to forget any ideas that you have.
This is not a definitive list to improve your creativity and innovation. You may have some further ideas of things you have tried. The most important thing that you can do is have a go and never sit back and watch others do things that you have thought about yourself.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Top 5 Most POWERFUL Speeches You Need To Hear Today | Goalcast

Is All Happiness Good?

So often is the case as I'm mulling over something someone said, my mind will veer out, and then back in again. This is case with a statement by Dr. Harold Sala, “choosing Holiness over happiness”
Unfortunately we live in a culture today that seeks 24/7 happiness and continues to seek that out, and move in those directions. That they think will bring happiness, and often times at the expense or should I say trading in Holiness, Righteousness for temporal happiness.

Often times labeling something one way when in reality it's actually something else. As to justify or allow us to continue to seek this happiness instead of Holiness. In some cases it’s flat out sin. Which brings me to something I heard Dr. Robby Zacharias say, "Sin changes us forever". It will have a lasting effect. It not only affects us, but it reaches out and affects others, our family and so forth.
This concept also reminds me of the book "Continuous Revival", where it paints a picture of someone night after night going through the house and smashing their foot into a chair. Until one night the light gets turned on and he realizes, he's been smashing his foot into the coffee table all this time. Light shined truth of reality and exposes the fact that it's a table and not a chair. For him to continue to go on and call it a chair would be stupid. Holiness in this situation would cause him to be truthful and call it what it is. Sin needs to be called what it is, sin.

Often times when we're in the valley, we are tempted to run after temporal happiness. I'm feeling bad right now, therefore I deserve happiness. Cashing in, tossing aside and giving up on Righteousness and Holiness.

That's not to say that we can't be happy or have happiness, it is to say when we choose happiness that is actual sin, wrongdoing over Holiness that is where the problem is.
Choosing Holiness over happiness will have a much greater and deeper fulfillment. As well as something that is much higher, and lasting then a temporal quick fix happiness in the present moment. Is it easy, most the time it’s not, but as I as I've said many times before. Anything that's worth anything doesn't come easy. It's through perseverance, hard work and a heavy dose of reliance upon Jesus Christ.

So I challenge myself today, and anyone who wants to join me, to choose Holiness over happiness.
I must admit, that as of late in the mist of valleys, it is so much easier, if I were to choose it, to run to a temporal happiness, then to run to Holiness and Righteousness. But for the Grace of God there go I.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

How to Beat Self-Doubt in 5 Seconds

Be Prepared: 5 Self Defense Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

woman being followed

Be Prepared: 5 Self Defense Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

Ladies, we’ve all been walking down a dimly lit street in the middle of the night, clutching our purse, hoping we get home before someone pops out from behind the bushes.
That feeling of vulnerability is arguably one of the scariest things a woman experiences. The worst part is we face it on a daily basis.
Knowing what to do in stressful situations can save you from experiencing something horrible. You can start by paying attention to this list of self defense tips.
Follow along and take note. You never know when this advice will come in handy. If it does, you’ll be glad you were here.

1. Be Aware

The most basic and most important point is to be aware of your surroundings. If you know what’s coming, you can be infinitely more prepared than if it takes you by surprise.
Part of being aware includes not walking with headphones on or staring at your phone. It’s important to listen to and see what’s going on around you, otherwise you make yourself an easy target. Those shuffling footsteps behind you might not be a good sign.
If you feel like someone is following you, cross the street. If they’re still following you, try to go into a store if you’re near one.
Also, don’t be afraid to look a person in the eye. It will make you seem confident and fearless. This makes it very easy to identify the person in a lineup if needed.

2. Follow Your Gut

If you ever feel unsafe in a situation, trust your gut. It’s always better to be too cautious than be the victim of a violent crime.
The most common instance in which a person dismisses their gut feeling is when they try to rationalize something. The thing about intuition is that it’s a learned feeling. Years of experience have led you to believe that funny feeling means something bad might happen, so don’t ignore it or brush it off as being paranoid.

3. Fight Back

If you ever find yourself in a situation that turns violent, don’t let fear cripple you. It’ll make you incredibly vulnerable to your attacker.
Next, figure out how you can fight back. If you’re being choked, lift your arms up over your sides and bring them down together, straight and fast to one side. Avoid grabbing your attacker’s hands and trying to pull them off your neck, this could compromise your breathing.
If you carry any self defense devices, use them. Pepper spray your attacker the first chance you get. You don’t want to be in a situation where you can’t reach your devices anymore.

4. Predicting Behavior

Another important part of self defense is realizing when a person’s behavior can turn violent. Most attackers begin by trying to gain your trust. They might try to lure you somewhere dark and empty.
Don’t fall for tricks like these. Even if it’s the most charming person you have ever met in your life, stay alert.

5. Take A Class

One of the best things you can do is take a class. Not only will it motivate you to stay fit, but it’ll also teach you everything you need to know about defending yourself. Feel safe and confident knowing these lessons have your best interests are at heart.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will Come!

sex heart

The 5 Most Famous Sex Therapists of All Time

In today’s sex-saturated market, it can be easy to forget that sex was once a very taboo topic.
Many famous sex therapists struggled to find their place in the world. Even today, they are often met with resistance or criticism but persist in spite of their challenges.
These inspirational figures overcame difficulties to pioneer the field of sex therapy, and continue to influence it today. Be inspired by the work of these famous sex therapists.

1. Alfred Kinsey

Modern sexual psychology truly started with Alfred Kinsey. His work is so well-known that he has almost become a household name.
In the 1940s and 1950s, most public talk about sex of any kind was considered controversial. Kinsey pioneered the field of sex psychology at the time, even founding an institute for sex research.
Without Kinsey, the sexual revolution that came in the following decades may not have happened. He replaced outdated concepts of accepted sexuality with the idea that almost all sexual behavior could be considered normal from a biological perspective.
He studied both male and female sexuality and spent his career publishing books, giving lectures, and conducting research that’s still influential in the field today, making him one of the most famous sex therapists of all time.

2. Virginia Johnson

From the 1960s onward, Virginia Johnson carried the baton of pioneering sex therapy along with her husband William Masters.
Masters was an academic with a cold demeanor, but Johnson was personable enough to make research subjects comfortable. The couple contributed to the field of human sexuality with sex studies that brought them worldwide fame. Johnson and Masters conducted two-week-long therapy sessions for people with perceived sexual dysfunction.
She published two best-selling books and had a successful public career. Society did not always meet her work with acceptance, but the impact she had on women’s sexuality and sexuality in general is still felt today.

3. Ruth Westheimer

Westheimer, often simply called Dr. Ruth, got her introduction to open discussions of sex when she took a job at Planned Parenthood in the 1960s. By 1967, she was a project director for the organization.
She also has a doctorate degree from Columbia in family and sex therapy.
Her career was not entirely a smooth ride. When she was fired from a teaching job at Brooklyn College, she nearly gave up hope. But a lecture she gave not long after led to her being offered a radio show.
The show’s popularity helped her grow a devoted following, which led to her rapid career growth, including a television series and the publication of several books.

4. Padma Deva

In a world where we have such interesting sex devices as the Whizzinator and Fleshlight, it’s hard to imagine that anything related to sex could be scandalous. Modern-day sex therapist Padma Deva may be seen by some as more infamous than famous.
She is known as the sex therapist who sleeps with her patients. Intercourse doesn’t always happen, but nudity, massage, and sensual touch may all be part of the therapy session.
Deva is a professional therapist who just happens to have unconventional methods of treating patients. She helps male clients recover from sexual problems and fears that inhibit them from having normal relationships.
Her sexual activity with patients has brought lots of controversy. Yet the fame (or infamy) has also helped give her the publicity that creates success.

5. Laura Berman

Another modern sex therapist, Laura Berman’s work is more on the tame side. She works with media figures that are generally seen as wholesome, such as Oprah and Dr. Oz, to bring information about sex to the masses.
Berman has been on reality TV and has a nationally syndicated radio show in addition to having been featured in many major magazines. She provides another facet to the work of sex therapy, helping inform readers, viewers, and listeners across the world.

Contributions of Famous Sex Therapists

From history to the modern day, each of these famous sex therapists has had their own unique approach to the field.
Some research stands the test of time while other research is replaced with more modern findings. All these therapists made important lasting contributions to the field.
What have you learned from famous sex therapists, or what do you hope to find out? Leave a comment and let us know! 

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"You Will Never Be Poor Again" | START DOING THIS TODAY!!!

A Guide on How to Be Charming in All Situations

how to be charming

A Guide on How to Be Charming in All Situations

Being charming is much easier said than done. You might know that the ability to be charming will change your life for the better – but do you know exactly how to pull it off in any situation?
No matter what’s going on, it is possible to handle the situation gracefully, with a smile on your face. Others will admire your strength and confidence when you learn how to be charming in any situation. You might even have more success in work and in your love life!

How to Be Charming in 8 Simple Steps

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some simple steps to help you be charming through everything life throws at you. Keep reading to learn how to be charming, no matter what.

1. Be Truly Glad to Meet People

We often say, “Nice to meet you,” when we’re introduced to someone new. But do we really mean it? Learning how to be charming means learning to show people that you genuinely are excited to meet them.
You can achieve this in part by “mirroring” the other person. Smile when they smile, and laugh when they laugh. They’ll naturally feel like they’re important to you, even if you just met.
Maintain eye contact and give nods and other cues to show you’re listening to their conversation. Giving someone your full attention is a great way to win them over from the start.

2. Be Vulnerable

A surprising, but important, part of learning how to be charming is being a little bit vulnerable with other people.
Stop feeling like you’re competing or like you need to one-up other people. Instead, show that you’re comfortable with yourself, even though you have vulnerabilities and insecurities. Keep in mind that social interactions aren’t competitions.
If someone else impresses you or wins your admiration, let them know. If you fail or show weakness when you don’t mean to, admit it. Ask questions about how someone achieved their success, instead of comparing yourself to them. You might just learn something in the process!
Your sincerity will go further than pretending like you have everything together all the time. People actually admire vulnerability in others – it shows strength and confidence.

3. Seek Agreement

Are you someone that looks for contradictions and arguments, or someone that seeks out agreements with other people? It’s easy to see which one makes you more charming.
We often feel like we need to challenge and contradict anyone who thinks differently than we do. However, being contrary all the time certainly won’t draw anyone toward you.
It’s actually harder to look for agreement than disagreement in many situations. Instead of automatically zeroing in on the differences and letting an argument start, try looking for similarities, even in people with wildly different viewpoints.
This doesn’t mean you can never share a different perspective. It’s all about how you present it. People will be more willing to listen to you if you look for points of agreement first, then gently offer different points of view. Instead of being seen as argumentative, you’ll prove yourself to be a great conversationalist.

4. Use Touch to Your Advantage

Of course, touching other people isn’t always appropriate, and certain kinds of touch work best in certain situations. However, when you know how to use it well, touch can be a great way to be more charming to the people around you.
Touch can make you seem friendlier and more appealing. It can even help influence someone else’s behavior.
A little bit of touch goes a long way. To start, try using touch in situations where a touch is already being given. For example, if you shake someone’s hand, give them a gentle squeeze or pat on the arm or shoulder, too. Build up as you become more comfortable with touch – and as you realize what the other person’s comfort level is.

5. Admit Your Mistakes

The more you admit your mistakes, the more charming you’ll become. Admitting mistakes takes a lot of confidence, and it also provides other people with value: you’re helping them learn from what you did.
Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself or look silly when sharing about mistakes you’ve made. Stop focusing on looking your best all the time, and learn how to let go instead.
If you own your mistakes and mishaps, people can no longer laugh at you – because they’ll be laughing with you. This also helps the people around you become less guarded and more genuine when you’re around.

6. Let Others Be Open

Not everyone is great at opening up. When you learn how to be charming, though, you’ll also learn how to help others open up to you.
Ask people open-ended questions. Show that you really care about their opinions and experiences. Make them feel like they’re the most interesting person at that moment in time.
This means they’ll naturally gravitate to you again and again, because talking to you makes them feel amazing. When you allow others to be open with you, you also open up your friend circle.
Don’t forget to ask for the “why” and “how” of what you learn about a person. Don’t just ask about their job, ask them why they chose that field and how they got started. Ask the kinds of questions that get thoughtful answers – you’ll also learn a lot from these conversations.

7. Treat Everyone Well

It’s one thing to be charming to your friends, acquaintances, and coworkers. However, truly charming people treat everyone the same way.
Are you charming to your server in a restaurant? How about the janitor at work? If not, then you haven’t really learned how to be charming.

8. Tap Into the Primal

Everyone is hardwired to have certain responses to conversations and situations. When you tap into that deep, primal wiring, you can get anyone to see you as charming. For more on how to use this knowledge, take a look at the His Secret Obsession technique.

Ready to Give It a Try?

Once you know how to be charming, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Are you ready to use these techniques for more personal and professional success?

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WATCH THIS EVERYDAY AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE - Denzel Washington Motivational Speech 2019

What it Means to Take Charge of Your Life

Personal Power Coaching

What it Means to Take Charge of Your Life

Our modern world can be a crazy, confusing and sometimes dangerous place.
It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos. But how do we avoid it?
Having to bring home the bacon, pursue or maintain a lasting intimate relationship, keep up a healthy lifestyle, build a successful career and lead a happy, fulfilled life seems like an impossible undertaking.

Does all this make you feel out of control? A victim of circumstance? Unable to take it all on and live the life you truly desire?
Do you look at other people who seemingly have it all and wish you could figure it out for yourself?
If it does, you are not alone.
Most people live their entire lives missing out on the vast wealth of joy available to us.
We get stuck in a job that just maintains us, but doesn’t fulfill us.
We “settle” for a relationship that at best feels safe and comfortable.
We eat unhealthy, “easy” food and don’t exercise because there “isn’t time” to do it right.
But don’t lose hope! It is possible to take charge of your life and have it all!

Where We Fail

How we manage the cornucopia of stress and responsibility of daily life is key.
Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get wrapped up and rely on bad habits and quick fixes to ease our restless minds, hearts, and bodies.
You’ve made the decision you want to eat healthier. But you had a long day at work, and it’s just easier to turn off into that drive-through and start eating healthier tomorrow. Have you done this recently?
Maybe you determined you’d do some meditation to alleviate that daily stress. But a long day of taking care of the kids leads you to just have that cocktail or two before passing out to do it again the next day. Sound familiar?
An exciting new job opportunity arises in a field you’ve been wanting to explore. But the safety and comfort of your “survival job” pays the bills. So, you decide you just aren’t prepared, it’s too risky, and let the interview slide. Are you guilty?
All of these things are just a “flinch,” a way we push our true selves down and allow life to live us, rather than live life.
It doesn’t have to be this way!

Reclaim Your Power

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” – Deepak Chopra
All too often we allow our habits to control us. It’s time to reclaim your personal power and make a change.
Here are a few things that you can and will discover when you reclaim your power and take charge of your life:
  • Fear is not your enemy
  • Personal responsibility is more powerful than victimhood
  • Focus on what you want, not what you think you need
  • Forgiveness, of yourself and others, will lead you to freedom
  • Nothing lasts forever
I know you have the ability to take charge of your life and reshape it into that sparkling vision of happiness you deserve.
If you are ready to take the next step, Craig Beck’s Personal Power Coaching Club is the perfect place to start.

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Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 3 of 3

Keep Your Mind at Ease with a Stress Journal

stress journal

Keep Your Mind at Ease with a Stress Journal

At first, feeling stressed may seem pretty normal.
After all, who isn’t stressed in the UK these days? However, it can be harmful if left untreated.
According to stats from the Labor Force Survey, stress was a factor in 37% of all work-related health cases from 2015-2016. It also accounted for 45% of all working days lost.
Some people use aromatherapy, copper, and other tools to handle stress. However, many still struggle with it. You need a proactive way of combating stress.

Use A Stress Journal

A stress journal is a simple way for you to manage your feelings of stress in a healthy, proactive way. Think of it as a one-person therapy session you can have at any time.
Using a stress journal is simple. All you have to do is write down a record your feelings of stress. Eventually, you’ll identify patterns in your stress. This way, you can find ways to reduce stressful behaviors.
You may not have ever kept a diary, but keeping a journal could be the key to getting your stress under control. It’s not about the quality of your writing, it’s about putting your feelings on paper.

Articulate Feelings

Do you ever have trouble explaining to people why you’re stressed?
Verbal communication may not work best for you, but journaling gives you an outlet for complicated feelings.
If you have trouble verbalizing and vocalizing how you feel, writing those feelings down can help you to better identify how you feel. Imagine finally being able to pinpoint your feelings of stress.
It will do wonders to boost your mood!

Process Emotions

Do you ever feel like you have trouble dealing with your feelings? Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress.
Some smoke or buy cigarettes online UK, while others get massages. Once you’ve found a stress relief method that works for you, why not try to expand your arsenal? Having a variety of ways to handle your stress ensures you’ll always stay in touch with your emotions — and that your methods remain effective.
If you’re stressed out and upset, finding a way to process difficult feelings can be hard. A stress journal will give you time to reflect on your feelings.
Having a bad client call or a fight with your spouse may feel awful, but it isn’t the end of the world.
Taking time to write down your feelings and being able to reflect on them is crucial for managing stress. It may also help you to put your problems into perspective.

Identify Stressors

When you’re stressed out, it can be easy to attribute certain frustrations and feelings to the wrong cause. Keeping a journal may help you make a breakthrough to discover exactly why you’re feeling so stressed out.
You may think that meetings with your boss stress you out. But after looking through a few weeks of entries, you find that talking to a certain coworker before meetings make you more stressed than simply talking to our boss.
Dealing with stress is important. However, finding the cause for that stress is just as crucial. Once you sort through your journal, you may find that your stress is being caused by something you’d never even thought of.

Stress Journals: Wrapping Up

How do you deal with stress?
Do you have ways to handle stress that have helped you in the past? Tell our readers about it in the comments section!

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Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 2 of 3

5 Self Improvement Tips You Need to Try to Live Your Best Life

post its

5 Self Improvement Tips You Need to Try to Live Your Best Life

According to a recent study, a shockingly sad 85% of people say they suffer from a lack of self-confidence.
To make matters worse, only one out of every three Americans say they’re currently happy with where they are in life.
Worldwide, only 13% of people say they’re enthusiastic about going to work everyday.

These statistics all point to one thing: most people seem at least somewhat unsatisfied with their lives.
Are you one of them?
If so, you need to read this post. We’ve collected 5 of the top self improvement tips you need to try to start seeing your life — and yourself — in a better light.

1. Enroll In A Self Improvement Course

Sometimes, you need the support of a group environment to help you propel yourself forward.
A group mentality doesn’t just hold you accountable. It also allows you to listen to the stories of others who may have faced the same challenges as you — and came out on the other side.
Look at options like the avatar energy master target course or even look for local mental health support groups to get started.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s natural to want to see how you stack up in comparison to those around you. Social media has made it easier than ever.
It’s so simple to get stuck in a cycle of self-loathing, anxiety, and jealousy when compare where you are in life to your friends of family members.
Doing this will only hold you back. Remember, no matter how it might look on Facebook, these people also have their own challenges.
Plus, everyone has their own set of circumstances that influence the choices they make.
Our best advice? Log off, and celebrate your own accomplishments.

3. Ask Yourself This One Question Every Day

Many of us set lofty goals for ourselves — and we want to achieve them quickly.
However, get realistic about your pacing, and the actual attainability of these goals.
Before you fall asleep every night, ask yourself this question:
“What is one thing I did today that got me a step closer to my goals?”
This way, you’ll be able to clearly see that, even if all your dreams didn’t come true overnight, you’re well on your way to making them happen.

4. Give Back

Many of us struggle with a sense of self-worth. However, very few of us realize just how important we are to so many around us.
One way to start understanding how much you matter is by giving back.
Get involved in local volunteer work. Assist in taking care of your community garden, or volunteer at a local soup kitchen.
Even donate some of your own clothing to a shelter, or office your design services to a nonprofit.
This will help you to see the value in your life, and you’ll understand that even small actions can make a big difference.

5. Remember: You Deserve Success

Many people wrongly feel that the reason they aren’t successful is because they don’t deserve to be.
Stop beating yourself up over past choices and wishing you’d done things differently. You know in your heart that you’re just as worthy of success as every else.
Changing your mindset — and even repeating positive mantras to yourself in the mirror — will boost your self-confidence.

Use These Self Improvement Tips To Boost Your Self-Worth

We hope these five self improvement tips have reminded you about the importance of self-care.
No matter where you are in life, it’s always important to check in with yourself. Taking some time to focus on you is far from selfish — in fact, it can help you be more productive and more empathetic to the people around you.
Looking for more tips on how to improve your life? Check out our website for more helpful articles.
Make today the day you start moving forward. 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

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5 Reasons How a Great Smile Boosts Confidence in Business and in Life

great smile

5 Reasons How a Great Smile Boosts Confidence in Business and in Life

People judge you within one-tenth of a second.
That’s according to Psychological Science, anyway. Indeed, in their research on first impressions, psychologists found that our reactions to people are almost instantaneous. And they’re tough to alter once they’ve been formed.
Smiling is one way to ensure this split-second judgment falls in your favor. But a good first impression is only one confidence-boosting benefit of a great smile. In reality, there are many other reasons that smiling can help in business and life.
Keep reading to learn 5 key reasons smiling is so important.

5 Reasons a Great Smile Boosts Confidence

Here are 5 main reasons why smiling can boost your confidence.

1. It Makes You Feel Great

Smiling feels good.
When you smile, your brain releases neurochemicals called endorphins. And endorphins feel great. They’re responsible for feelings of happiness as well as stress reduction.
Oh, and they help in pain management too.

2. It Can Alter Your Mood

Ever had one of those days where you just feel glum?
Well, forcing yourself to smile anyway might turn things around.
Remember those endorphins we just mentioned? Well, thanks to something called the facial feedback hypothesis, as the muscles in your face contract into a smile, your brain notices.
And because those same muscles usually signal that you’re in a happy mood, your brain convinces itself you must be happy. Say hello to a brighter day!
Think of it like reverse-engineered happiness. It’s real-world, psychologically sound, ‘fake it ’til you make it’ methodology.

3. It Makes You More Likeable

Smiling is a sure-fire way to endear you to others.
In fact, it’s associated with positive traits such as openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. All of which are key components of likeability.
Which is crucial when it comes to business and workplace environments. For example, likeability has been linked to success in all manner of domains including marketing efforts and even presidential campaigns.

4. It Improves Your Relationships

People who smile a lot have better relationships.
Thanks to factors such as likeability, smiling has a big say in our interpersonal relationships. Think about it, what happens when you smile at someone? Nine times out of ten, they smile back.
Smiling is a building block of close connections between colleagues and future friends.
It’s a joy to spend time with people who know how to smile. And where business is almost always built on relationships, it’s clear that smiling is key to success.

5. It Makes You Healthier

Smiling is literally good for your health.
Seriously, it’s been shown that smiling can help your immune system, assist in pain relief and even make you live longer!
One way this is possible is because of all the positive things happening in your brain (remember the endorphins?!). For this reason, things like laughter (who doesn’t smile when they laugh?!) and positive thinking are an effective way of reducing stress and illness.

Time To Wrap Up

There you have it: 5 reasons that a great smile will boost confidence in business and life.
Reasons such as these explain why practices like cosmetic dentistry are becoming increasingly popular. It all starts with the happiness it brings.
The endorphins your brain releases feel fantastic. So much so that you can often improve your mood by just faking a smile. And that boost in positivity goes a long way in making you more likable, building strong relationships and even helping with physical health.
A great smile can introduce you to greater confidence in all domains of life.
Now, we’d love to hear from you. What sounds like the biggest benefit of smiling to you? Let us know in the comments.