Friday, 20 September 2019

Is All Happiness Good?

So often is the case as I'm mulling over something someone said, my mind will veer out, and then back in again. This is case with a statement by Dr. Harold Sala, “choosing Holiness over happiness”
Unfortunately we live in a culture today that seeks 24/7 happiness and continues to seek that out, and move in those directions. That they think will bring happiness, and often times at the expense or should I say trading in Holiness, Righteousness for temporal happiness.

Often times labeling something one way when in reality it's actually something else. As to justify or allow us to continue to seek this happiness instead of Holiness. In some cases it’s flat out sin. Which brings me to something I heard Dr. Robby Zacharias say, "Sin changes us forever". It will have a lasting effect. It not only affects us, but it reaches out and affects others, our family and so forth.
This concept also reminds me of the book "Continuous Revival", where it paints a picture of someone night after night going through the house and smashing their foot into a chair. Until one night the light gets turned on and he realizes, he's been smashing his foot into the coffee table all this time. Light shined truth of reality and exposes the fact that it's a table and not a chair. For him to continue to go on and call it a chair would be stupid. Holiness in this situation would cause him to be truthful and call it what it is. Sin needs to be called what it is, sin.

Often times when we're in the valley, we are tempted to run after temporal happiness. I'm feeling bad right now, therefore I deserve happiness. Cashing in, tossing aside and giving up on Righteousness and Holiness.

That's not to say that we can't be happy or have happiness, it is to say when we choose happiness that is actual sin, wrongdoing over Holiness that is where the problem is.
Choosing Holiness over happiness will have a much greater and deeper fulfillment. As well as something that is much higher, and lasting then a temporal quick fix happiness in the present moment. Is it easy, most the time it’s not, but as I as I've said many times before. Anything that's worth anything doesn't come easy. It's through perseverance, hard work and a heavy dose of reliance upon Jesus Christ.

So I challenge myself today, and anyone who wants to join me, to choose Holiness over happiness.
I must admit, that as of late in the mist of valleys, it is so much easier, if I were to choose it, to run to a temporal happiness, then to run to Holiness and Righteousness. But for the Grace of God there go I.

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