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Stress Management: 5 Effective Ways Of Coping With Stress

Stress Management: 5 Effective Ways Of Coping With Stress
How do you usually react to stressful situations? Do you find you quickly get worked up and more stressed and frustrated?

For many this is often the case! Instead of taking stock and realizing that the situation is beyond their control they react and allow their frustration to get them worked up and even more frustrated. I'm unsure why some people cope with stress better than others, as with many things it's probable that our past experiences have a major part to do with it.

If your parents were extremely calm and level headed then you're certainly more likely to adopt these habits whereas if your parents were extremely hotheaded and lost their cool quickly in stressful situations then again you're most likely to learn from those habits.

What is important though is knowing that we can take certain measures to help us cope with stress. Although you'll never fully eliminate stress from your life you can certainly learn to better control and alleviate it by applying a few stress management techniques.

Here are 5 unusual but effective tips for coping with stress that you may not have considered.
Proper Rest
On average a person requires 8-9 hours sleep per 24 hour period, however due to work, family, chores and the general fast pace of life it's common for people to get less than 6 hours on average! Ensuring you get enough rest to recharge your mind and body is important for managing stress effectively and to be able to operate at peak performance.
Don't just assume that sleeping recharges the body, it's just as important for rejuvenating the mind as well. If your feeling fatigued then you're much more likely to feel withdrawn and cranky and less able to cope with the demands and challenges the day presents meaning you'll succumb to stress easier.

Modern Technology can be a sin!
As much as we need modern technology to go about our daily routines it can also be a hindrance! For example, if you're at your desk during your lunch-break checking e-mails then you're not switching off mentally, the same goes for chat-rooms such as Skype and messenger (although Messenger is so to be obsolete and merging with Skype). Cell phones are particularly bad, having your cell phone with you and switched on 24/7 means anyone can reach you at anytime! Sure it's important for loved ones to be able to contact you for emergencies or perhaps work during the day for arrangements.
Make sure they only use these means of contact for these privileges though! Having your spouse ring you to catch up on the days events whilst you're working will only add to your work-load and pressure. Likewise, unless your job demands you're on call 24/7 such as an electrician or plumber might be then there's really no need for communication outside of work hours.

Take Stock
Learn to read the signs of stress and take stock of the situation. If you're beginning to feel stressed during work hours then take a minute to recompose your thoughts. Working through it will only add to the stress and mean you're working less productively.
Work related stress is one of the biggest causes of stress second only to financial and family worries. There are a few simple and effective ways of dealing with stress at work. Learn these techniques and start applying them, with continued effort you'll learn to manage your stress during work hours and outside of work hours much more effectively.

Take A Break
This goes beyond the scope of coping with stress daily but if you're feeling particularly stressed and pressured then perhaps it's best to take a time out. We all need to recharge sometimes, we're only human and trying to do to much when you're already struggling to manage your stress will only worsen the problem. This doesn't necessarily have to involve going on vacation. Sometimes a couple of days with a relative or perhaps a day out to the beach on the weekend, anything that will help you to relieve your mind of your worries.

Get Spiritual!
I know what you're thinking, meditation and Yoga, a load of old spiritual rubbish with no benefit except for wasting time right?
There was a time I would have agreed, the problem was I'd never tried it so I was hypocrite really! It was my sister who first introduced me to these Eastern philosophies, she's very much a spiritualist and saw I was making an effort to find peace and turn my life around (long story, another article maybe).
As I studied personal development and self help I slowly started incorporating these philosophies as well and they are now a part of my daily routine. Meditating for stress management is particularly effective, it really allows the mind to shut out the ongoing worries and allows you to center your thoughts on the here and now.
Yoga is different in the sense it provides more physical relief, perfect for people who have demanding office job and feel the inner tension after a long day at the office. Just a few basic stretches can really help to unwind and relax the bodies muscles. It can provide fast relief of built up tension and can also lead to a better nights sleep when practiced in the evening before bed.

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