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The Top 10 Distinctions Between Millionaires And The Middle Class

Distinction # 10
Millionaires think long term.
The middle class thinks short term
In Distinction 10 you will learn about the five social groups of the very poor, poor, middle class, rich and very rich and how each group thinks about money in a different way.
For example, very poor people think day to day. Poor people think week to week. Middle class people think month to month. Rich people think year to year. And very rich people think decade to decade.
You will also learn the 3 primary goals that are found in these groups and how changing your primary goal to the same as the rich and very rich will put you into those groups.
You will also learn the two different mentalities between the very poor, poor and middle class versus the rich and very rich. When you know and cultivate the one mentality of the rich and very rich it empowers you to create wealth and achieve freedom.
Distinction # 9
Millionaires talk about ideas.
The middle class talks about things and other people.
What do you spend your time talking about? Your words are like the rudder of a ship. They determine which direction you are going in life. In distinction 9 you will learn the two ways to start talking more about ideas and less about things and other people.

Distinction # 8
Millionaires embrace change.
The middle class is threatened by change
In distinction 8 you will learn the one question that will allow you to embrace change and profit from it. You will also learn what momma eagles do to their little babies when it’s time to learn how to fly.
Distinction # 7
Millionaires take calculated risks.
The middle class is afraid to take risks.
In distinction 7 you will learn three questions that give you the insight and courage you need to take risks. The three questions give you the wisdom to know when to take action and when not to take action.
I learned the three questions from one of my mentors who has made and given away millions and millions and millions of dollars. You will also learn who he is.
You will also learn the three primary fears that keeps the middle class from taking action and how to overcome them so you can take a calculated risk.
Distinction # 6
Millionaires continually learn and grow.
The middle class thinks learning ended with school.
In distinction 6 you will learn how to compress time and learn financial secrets hours that took others years to learn.
You will also learn how to balance your pursuit of financial freedom with your personal fulfillment as you learn and grow.
Distinction # 5
Millionaires work for profits.
The middle class works for wages.
When you work for wages they can only increase a little bit over a long period of time. When you work for profits you have the potential of increasing your income dramatically in a short time. If you want to become a millionaire you must learn to work for profits.
In distinction 5 you will hear my history of working for both profits and wages.
I will tell you the jobs I used to do to earn a living and the work I did for profits that earned a fortune.
Distinction # 4
Millionaires believe they must be generous.
The middle class believes they can’t afford to give.
In distinction 4 you will hear about the time I had a gun pointed right in my face by a gang of young men and what I did.
You will also hear the story of a young lady I gave a ride to one cold rainy night who turned out to be a prostitute and what I said and did after she asked me, can I touch you?
You will also learn the test you can do to see If you possess your money or if your money possesses you.
Distinction # 3
Millionaires have multiple sources of income.
The middle class only has one or two.
In distinction 3 you will learn the three things that millionaires focus on to develop very lucrative sources of income.
Distinction # 2
Millionaires focus on increasing their net worth.
The middle class focuses on increasing their paychecks.
In distinction 2 you will learn why your net worth is not a nest egg and why millionaires don’t think like that.
You will also learn how they do think about net worth and a millionaires definition for an asset.
You will also learn the two reasons why it is very risky to only work for a paycheck.
Distinction # 1
Millionaires ask themselves empowering questions.
The middle class ask themselves disempowering questions.
In distinction 1 you will learn empowering questions to ask yourself.
Here are some examples....
How can I double my income this year?
Or, how can I get enough money to pay the bills this month?
Do you see the difference?
How can I make $1,000,000 a year doing what I love?
Or, how can I get my boss to give me a raise?
How can I develop a deeper relationship with my spouse?
Or, Why is it so hard to get along with my spouse?
What can I do to show my kids I love them today?
Or, Why don’t my kids appreciate me?
What would I enjoy doing to stay strong and healthy?
Or, Why is it so hard to lose weight?
How can I increase my peace of mind?
Or, why am I always stressed?
When empowering questions become a part of your habitual way of thinking you become a powerful and peaceful person.
You can learn to ask questions that make you rich.
In addition to these examples you’ll learn nine empowering questions that will absolutely give you a clear vision of the life your heart desires and how to achieve it.
The nine empowering questions are based on the be, do, have philosophy that says, Who you are determines what you do and what you have.
When you answer the nine empowering questions from your heart you will have a better understanding of who you are and what to do to achieve financial and personal freedom.
The story behind the book and workshop.
In 2005 I self published The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class.
In less than 12 months the word of mouth phenomenon started happening and Random House, the largest publisher in the world, made me an offer and purchased the world wide rights.
How did this happen? Why is my book selling so well around the globe?
Part of the reason is because of how the book came to be...
You see, before I wrote the book I invested over $100,000 and two years of my life traveling and meeting face to face with very successful men and women and asked them questions like...Who are you, how do you think, what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, what are your secrets of success?
After investing that kind of time and money learning from some of the most successful people on the planet I was overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of the knowledge I acquired. Have you ever had information overload? I needed to boil down the lessons to their essence and focus on the most powerful principles.
So I asked myself what are the top 10 things I have learned over the last ten years. I went back 10 years because before I wrote the “Top 10” I had already learned some extremely valuable lessons from my own successes and failures from being an entrepreneur.
So I wrote the top 10 most important distinctions I had learned from my own experience, from reading hundreds of success oriented books and having face to face conversations with multi-millionaires. After writing the outline I smiled and said, this is it. If you stay focused on these ten things, then financial freedom is inevitable for you.
After thinking about the top 10 distinctions I realized that I needed to write a short book on it and get some feedback from other successful people that I respected. So I took my top 10 distinctions to a little cabin in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Over the next seven days I wrote the book, The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class.
Have you ever experienced that state when what you are doing is effortless and you feel a strong sense of purpose, peace and joy? That’s what I felt while writing. The book flowed through me. It was a fun and powerful experience to invest time reflecting on the lessons I had learned and capturing them to share with you.
I printed books and started sending them to my friends and colleagues. Then my friends and colleagues and their friends and colleagues started calling and emailing to order cases of the book at a time to give as gifts.
Next I started getting calls and emails about teaching the Top 10 Distinctions to groups around the country.
So I developed The Wisdom Creates Freedom Workshop that includes a full teaching of The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class.
Now the same word of mouth experience that is still happening with the book is happening with the workshop. Every week I am receiving calls and emails about teaching the workshop at businesses and churches around the globe.
After receiving so many testimonials from people of all walks of life who have read the book and attended the workshop I know that if you stay focused and take action on the 10 distinctions you will achieve total financial freedom.
In addition to the wonderful comments from my personal millionaire friends, I have had several millionaires I didn’t know email me and say, I could have written your book, it’s exactly how I think and feel, great job!
I am ordering copies for all of my family and friends. Even my mentor immediately ordered 200 copies to give to his students.
So what if you could experience several successes and failures in your own businesses for ten years, what if you read hundreds of success books and then you invested $100,000 and two years of your life learning from personal meetings with multi-millionaires.
What would you learn? Chances are you would learn the lessons that I did.
In addition to learning the insights from the Top 10 Distinctions, the Wisdom Creates Freedom Workshop will give you even more valuable insights. You’ll learn how to identify if or when you play the victim and how to take responsibility for the results you create.
You will hear how I played the victim with one my failures where I lost $300,000 and the biggest lesson I learned from it. You can learn as much, maybe even more from the failures of successful people as you can from their successes.
Someone once said, if you want to impress people, tell them your successes, but if you want to impact them, then tell them your failures. So I gladly share one of my biggest failures with you and the biggest lesson you can learn from it.
In the workshop you will learn how to condition your mind for success by going to the root of your problems. A simple truth that can transform your finances is, your roots create your fruits. If you look at your financial roots you’ll see the cause of your current financial fruits.
Part of the process of creating wealth is for you to pull the weeds of scarcity out of your mind and plant seeds of prosperity in your mind.
Seeds grow into trees that bear fruit. Your financial fruits are the results you are experiencing. The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class are ten great seeds to plant in your mind.
The other insights in the workshop teach you how to water those seeds so you can grow a healthy and
strong financial life.
Perhaps the most important principle you will learn in the workshop is how you can practice living in the present moment. If you let them, your thoughts of the past and future will keep you from ever achieving financial freedom.
As long as you live with regrets, guilt and shame from your past and have fear and worry about the future you will not make wise decisions and take the actions to become successful.
The good news is that there are ways you can learn to think about the past and the future while remaining present. Most people are absent because they are thinking about the past and future from a disempowered point of view.
In the workshop you will learn exactly how to think about the past and future so that you are empowered to make wise decisions in the present moment.
Wisdom is the ability to make the right decisions.

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