Monday, 30 December 2019

Joe And The Vulcano

Hi,Jeremy here (my family always called me Joe, and for once it's appropriate!) here on my last full day in Lanzarote. Today we went on a coach trip to the Timanfaya National Park.

The day started earlier than our usual holiday lie-ins as we rushed to make breakfast at 7.45 and were just about in time to board our coach at 7.15.
Our first stop was a camel trip, but as we’d already done this a couple of years ago and remembered the bumpy ride we decided to give this a miss!
The next stop was unforgettable; firstly we held stones heated by magna lying just 40 metres under the island’s surface; they were far hotter than you would expect.
Secondly the ranger put some twigs into a hole and the twigs just ignited into bright and vivid flames; no matches or lighters were needed.

Thirdly we watched as the ranger poured water down a hole which then shot suddenly back out as a geezer!
We then had a bus tour round the scarred and twisted volcanic landscape of the park. It probably resembled the surface of Mars.
In the afternoon we chilled out in the pool and tried to catch as much sun as possible before our departure.
Thinking about the volcano made me realise how easy it is for family finances to go up in smoke. Remember to encourage your whole family, especially your children, to  manage their finances this year.
If you’re looking for some practical but not too complicated reading then I’d recommend Rich Dad Poor Dad. You can find it Here.
Well that’s all for today,tomorrow I’m flying home..just lying in bed with no shirt on thinking about those cold dark evenings back home! Still it is so often the way we cope with things we don’t like to do that make us the people we are!
Speak soon

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