Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Find out Who Ate All The Pies this Christmas!!

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Jeremy here again.
Did you know that January is named after Janus the two headed God who had one head looking back to the previous year and one looking forward to the rest of this year. I’m not much into gods, but it is an interesting idea.
Looking on the internet there are two big social media pushes for January firstly there is #DryJanuary obviously not for the weather but to counter the indulgence over Christmas.
Incidentally I had myself weighed last week at Slimming World and was 5.5 pounds heavier than my pre-Christmas weight!
The other push is #Veganuary and veganism is becoming a huge movement these days and no longer seems to be a passing fad.
January is also a time to pull in the purse strings and reign in spending. My advice to you is to make a budget and keep track of all your expenses.
You can find some great ideas for earning, saving and managing money in the book “I Need Money” .
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Speak soon

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