Monday, 13 January 2020

This Could Save You From A Financial Shock!

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Jeremy here,
Well it may be a cold, bleak Monday in January, but there’s always something going on to smile about.
On Saturday we went to look at a new business proposition that was very exciting and something I’ve always wanted to do; I’ll let you know more if it comes off.
My wife and I also went to the cinema to see 1917; it’s an absolutely amazing film that really grips you right from the start.

My question to you today is how are your finances doing after Christmas? On Friday I was looking through my accounts and I found to my horror that a company was about to take a direct debit out of my account without my permission. I’ll need to get that sorted this week, but it just shows the value of regularly checking your bank statement!
Obviously by way of finance I’m still plugging our book of the month “I Need Money” but if you are interested in a board game to play with your family in the winter nights then why not try “Cash Flow For Kids” which you can order today by clicking here.
Speak soon

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